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The power of influencers

By work experience student Ebony Abblitt With the rise of social media, it is no surprise there are people turning to these social platforms as a form of income or to launch a career in the media industry. July 2017 social media statistics reveal there are 17 million Australians using Facebook, with 12 million using…

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The great wage debate

By Strategic Partner Tom O’Meara In June, the Australian Football League agreed to a six-year pay deal for players worth $1.84 billion over six years and the average payment jumped from $309,000 to $371,000. An extension of the overall agreement is the unbelievable media coverage of Richmond’s Dustin Martin. He ended the drama last week by…

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Sustainable management starts with the community bank

By Graduate Consultant, Stuart Roberts Unlike many of my peers, subjects on ethics and corporate social responsibility really struck a chord with me at university. While others would groan with boredom, I connected with everything from the classic works of Plato and Socrates to the everyday ethical challenges of modern business. Moving from university into…

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The power of a good story

By Senior Consultant, Lucinda Szczypior  The successful launch of Australia’s first dementia village by Glenview Community Services and Font PR, has only reinforced to me just how powerful, a good story, executed well, can be. The story of Korongee centres around a concept for a ground breaking Australian first suburban village, to be built in…

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Legislative Council – what next

By Strategic Partner, John Barker The State Liberal Government is experiencing more than its share of opposition from the “independent” Legislative Council. It could be argued that some current members of the Legislative Council see themselves as a form of alternative Government rather than intended to be a House of Review. The Legislative Council currently…

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