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At Font, we believe that good communications begins with the strategic plan, it ends with a measurable result, and along the way, forges a clear path that has nothing to do with spin, long lunches and freebies. We’re not that kind of PR firm.

We believe that to maximise your communications outcomes, we need to diligently pursue a process that starts with your Vision and encompasses the full gamut of operations. We’ll tell you honestly what we believe you need to do, we’ll tell you why, and we’ll tell you how we can help you move closer to your Vision. Because we get our satisfaction from your results.

Bacon calls it a day

The state political landscape is poised to go through a further significant change, with Labor’s Scott Bacon announcing his resignation from state politics, stating after nearly a decade it is time to move on. A major vote winner in the former seat of Denison, which is now known as Clark, Mr Bacon served as both…

FontCast episode 10 – The pokies debate rages on with Meg Webb

Parliament is back after winter and Brad, Becher and Brad analyse the newly released opinion poll. They’re also joined by new Independent MLC Meg Webb to thrash out where the pokies debate is likely to go from here. Listen to FontCast episode 9 here or subscribe to the FontCast on your favourite platform via the links the…

FontCast episode 9 – The state of Tasmania’s media with Linda Hunt and Lucinda Szczypior

Is there enough diversity of media ownership in Tasmania? What’s being done to address the professional barriers women encounter while working in media? Becher and Brad are joined by Linda Hunt from the University of Tasmania’s media school and Font PR Senior Consultant Lucinda Szczypior to discuss the health of the State’s media industry. Listen…

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