Building reputation and brand with strategy, energy and creativity

At Font, we believe that good communications begins with the strategic plan, it ends with a measurable result, and along the way, forges a clear path that has nothing to do with spin, long lunches and freebies. We’re not that kind of PR firm.

We believe that to maximise your communications outcomes, we need to diligently pursue a process that starts with your Vision and encompasses the full gamut of operations. We’ll tell you honestly what we believe you need to do, we’ll tell you why, and we’ll tell you how we can help you move closer to your Vision. Because we get our satisfaction from your results.

Font PR’s 2020/21 State Budget wrap

A ‘Glide Path’ approach to economic recovery If people were getting excited about this year’s State Budget being a visionary document, then they are going to be severely disappointed – what we have is a cautious and conservative document that seeks to offer in a sea of uncertainty – stability. Premier Treasurer Peter Gutwein has…

FontCast – Never say never with Matt Denholm

After Brad Stansfield’s column in The Mercury calling for Labor to dump leader Rebecca White Brad Nowland and Becher Townshend want to know what he thinks the opposition leader should be doing. Given the disastrous position the party is in is it possible for Labor to win power in 2022? Becher also says Stansfield should…

FontCast – Shut until Christmas with Anna Reynolds

All together in the same room for the first time in more than six months, Brad, Becher and Brad are resigned to the likelihood the state’s borders will be closed until Christmas. Hobart Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds makes her in her first appearance on the show, and nothing is off the table, from her frustrations…

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