Bacon calls it a day

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The state political landscape is poised to go through a further significant change, with Labor’s Scott Bacon announcing his resignation from state politics, stating after nearly a decade it is time to move on.

A major vote winner in the former seat of Denison, which is now known as Clark, Mr Bacon served as both a Tourism and Finance Minister in the former Labor Government.

Since losing office in 2014, Mr Bacon was Shadow Treasurer and while he was considered a strong rival to Rebecca White prior to her ascendancy to the role of Opposition Leader, the pair have worked closely together since this time.

Mr Bacon is a respected and hardworking member of Parliament, who will be very much missed by his Labor colleagues.

The move will spark a recount with former ABC radio journalist Tim Cox indicating he will throw his hat in the ring, but it is likely, should former Labor MHA, Madeleine Ogilvie announce her decision to participate, she will win the recount.

For a full analysis of the political implications of these changes, Partner Brad Stansfield has put his views forward here.

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