Communication tips to navigate the festive season

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By Senior Consultant Lucinda Szczypior

The lead up to Christmas is a busy time for many of us, both professionally and personally.  Not only are we running around trying to find suitable presents for our infinite gift list, and ensuring we have every ingredient for our Christmas day menu, there are also work deadlines to meet and projects to be wrapped up.

In the midst of all this festive craziness, it is easy to put aside communications planning for the Christmas holiday period.

So in the essence of our time poor selves, I have put together a short list of points to consider before shutting up shop on the 24 December.

  • Media monitoring – who will be monitoring and responding to any social media enquiries or traditional stories that crop up in the media over the Christmas shut down period? Often over the Christmas period, given the slow nature of the news of the day, the stories that do break often gain a lot of traction, which makes it even more vital to be able to hit the ground running if this situation does occur.
  • Leave major announcements for after Christmas – it’s a busy time of year for everyone and people’s minds are not on big announcements, so unless its relevant to the festive season, consider holding off until the new year
  • Don’t stop the social media content – social media users tend to visit social networking sites more often over the festive break, which can make it an ideal time to increase engagement, just make sure it’s relevant and authentic
  • Think mobile first – with the majority of your audience likely to closing down their work computers for the year and will no doubt be on the go, it’s a great opportunity to look at ensuring your content is mobile-optimised and that your website is also designed for mobile viewing
  • Give thanks – have you communicated your thanks to both your internal and external stakeholders for their support during the year? I personally love beautiful handwritten Christmas cards, but I suspect I am now the minority
  • Crisis communications – have you done a risk assessment of issues that might come up over the break and do you have a crisis communications plan in the event that the worse does happen?
  • Plan ahead – in the unlikely situation that you do have some clear space ahead of the Christmas break, the down time is a great opportunity to research and plan your communications for 2018.

On behalf of the entire team at Font, I would like to wish everyone a happy, safe, restful and enjoyable Christmas and we look forward to working with you again in the New Year.

The Font office will be closed from 1pm on Friday, 22 December and will reopen on Monday, 8 January 2018.  As always over this period, in the case of emergencies, our Font team will be available on their mobile phones.

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