Facebook has been following your every move

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Many of us fail to realise that in essence, Facebook records every move we make.

Don’t believe it? Try this.

Log into your Facebook account, go to your own profile and then click “activity log”.


On the left-hand side menu underneath “comments” there is another option labelled “more”. At the bottom of the expanded list you’ll see a “search” option.



Click on this option, and listed in front of you will be a detailed timeline of your search history – from the day you started using Facebook, up until one minute ago.

This feature contains a chronologically ordered list of every person, page or group you have searched for.

Unfortunately Facebook seems to remember all the things you would possibly like to forget.

This stored information can only be seen by the user of the account, but if log-in details were to fall into the wrong hands, it could be embarrassing, or even dangerous.

But it is simple to clean your ‘search’ record. At the top of the page you can delete all search history by hitting the “clear searches” button.

Crisis averted.

The information collected by online sources and social media platforms can be questionable at times and although it’s not classified as an invasion of privacy, it seems as though many users are progressively becoming concerned by the amount of personal information that’s gathered.




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