Five simple election campaigning tips

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With the state election fast approaching, there is no better time to discuss the essentials behind running a successful election campaign. During election time, there are lobbyists left, right and centre, so you must ensure that you know exactly what you want to achieve from your campaign before you start. In order to assist, we have compiled a list of five useful tips for getting your campaign message across effectively.

1. Know what it is you want

When planning your campaign, it is often difficult to know where to start, and it is essential to first identify exactly what it is you want to achieve. From there you can determine the right strategies and messages for your campaign. This is important, as you need your message to cut through the pack.

 2. Keep it simple

It is extremely easy for your message to become lost in the buzz of an election. Keep it simple and you will not only save yourself the time of brainstorming overly clever campaign catch phrases, but you will also make it easier for people to understand and remember your message.

3. Be prepared

If you begin your campaign right before an election, you are unlikely to get anywhere. You must build relationships and trust in order to achieve goals.  Summarise exactly what it is you want out of your campaign in a two page document. Set goals – some that are attainable, and some aspirational. It is always good to aim to achieve more than you believe to be possible.

4. Back your case with facts

In campaigns it is easy to promise the world, but to be taken seriously you need to back your case with facts. Prove that you can achieve what you are promising and give evidence that you are working towards it.

5. Shout it from the rooftops

Everybody has a vote, so it is essential to spread your message as far and wide as you possibly can. Get out there and do whatever it takes, whether it be through advertising, public appearances or door knocking. Having a credible spokesperson to promote your campaign is also a great way to get your message through to the wider community.

The essential message is to focus on your message! Make it clear and concise, back it up with facts and don’t be afraid to share it with anyone and everyone.

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