Font staff holiday plans

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We all need to unwind over the Christmas/New Year break, and a quick poll of the office reveals the many different ways of doing so…

Carla– “I’m going to spend my time hitting the beach in the tropics of Devonport with family and friends. Looking forward to good times with good friends and good food!”

Deborah– “Inland Queensland first to spend time with family for Christmas, then to the far south coast of Queensland – one of the most beautiful parts of Australia with safe waves and warm water. On the agenda (in no particular order): gin & tonics, morning runs, Queensland seafood, and probably a visit to Sea World.”

Cedric– “I’m planning on relaxing as much as possible over the Christmas period and spending time with my family down in Kingston. I will be seeing in the New Year at the Taste of Tasmania with a few friends who are coming back from interstate. I might even head interstate for a couple days also.”

Rob– “I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends back in Launceston at Christmas and may head away somewhere for the New Year period.”

Sarah– “Eating, drinking, bush walking, kayaking, cycling, avoiding house cleaning and returning to work refreshed and recharged on the 7th.”

Lucinda– “I am looking forward to spending Christmas Day with family and friends and then heading up to Orford to soak up some sunshine, ride my new bike and hopefully do a whole lot of nothing.”

Jacquie– “Looking forward to catching up with friends and family, sunning it up on the east coast and bringing in the New Year at the Falls Festival!”

Becher– “I will be spending time at home with Mary and Ralph (our 3 year old German Shepherd), looking forward to relaxing with friends over some wine as well as spending time in the garden, antique shopping for a new coffee table and at least a day of practice in my race car at Baskerville.”


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