FontCast – Out of the shadows

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As David O’Byrne emerges from the shadow ministries to lead the Labor party after its third election defeat in a row, the FontCast team emerge from the halls of Font PR to analyse the situation in a special episode of the FontCast. While Labor gets used to its new-look front bench the Government has made a veritable cascade of announcements with a “renewed vigour” as Brad Stansfield describes it. “The Government’s has achieved more in the last six weeks than it did in six months prior to the election,” he said. Becher Townshend says, with effectively four sitting weeks left in the second half of the year the Government simply doesn’t have time to get its agenda through. He says they’ll have to add an extra week or two to get the job done. Hosted by Brad Nowland this is essential listening for anyone who follows Tasmanian politics.

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