FontCast – Sunrise on a new government

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Stansfield is quite keen to point that he predicted friend-of-the-FontCast Madeleine Ogilvie would be the 13th Liberal elected to the house, handing the party another four years in government. The team was recording this episode as the sun was rising over Government House where Peter Gutwein was arriving to be sworn in as Premier. But what is in store for this unprecedented third Liberal Government in the Labor state that is Tasmania?

Nowland says the election of former Glenorchy Mayor Kristy Johnston in the seat of Clarke will be a thorn in the side of the rebuilding Labor opposition that desperately needs that seat if they want to return to government in 2025.

Becher says the Liberal’s win didn’t come without its share of controversy; Adam Brooks’ election and prompt resignation is the one that stands out the most.

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