FontCast – The Sir Humphrey Appleby principle

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Is Tasmania heading for an early election as the Premier rides high after his handling of the pandemic? That’s exactly what Nowland is predicting in this firey episode. The team at Font rarely blow their own trumpet but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. In episode one of season three, they made some massive predictions, all of which have turned out to be true. It’s almost as if they have some inside information into Tasmanian politics. In episode two they warn the Tasmanian Labor party that they only need look at what just happened to the Western Australian Liberals as to where they are headed if they don’t make some massive changes. They also tear into the Government’s recent budget as “a budget without numbers”. Stansfield evokes the words of Yes Minister’s Sir Humphery Appleby “never commission an inquiry unless you know the outcome” while Becher suggests the current crop of politicians have not learned the mistakes of the past.

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