FontCast Your Vote – Episode 2

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After one of the most chaotic election weeks in living memory, the FontCast team will not let anything go through to the keeper. Again in the studio with Brad Nowland and Becher Townshend is Win news director and seasoned political newshound Alex Johnston to shovel through the past seven days of steaming chaos. In what Brad describes as the “Tasmanian politics version of Tiger King”, both major parties appear to have dealt themselves more damage than their opposition. As a journalist, Alex says he “almost” feels guilty for continually reporting on the drama rather than the actual political substance of the campaign; unfortunately, the drama is so in your face “it’s impossible to ignore.” Looking back at the elections covered, Becher says the 2002 election was “a complete train wreck”, but this year, so far at least, appears to be outpacing it. Jump in with the team to indulge in the undeniable schadenfreude that is the 2021 Tasmanian election campaign.

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