Font’s piece of waterfront history

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As part of the move to our new location, Font has inherited its own little piece of Tasmanian history.

In the heart of Salamanca Place, the Galleria Building is an iconic heritage site flourishing with contemporary businesses. The timeless office block on the mountain side, including where Font is now located, is in fact one of the original warehouse structures of the New Wharf, circa 1830s.

In the bygone colonial era of the 1830s, the growing influx of convicts and whaling products became too much for the Old Wharf at Hunter Street. Just like Font’s transition to the Galleria Building, the New Wharf envisioned efficiency and progression, turning the area into a thriving sea faring community.

Our new office is full of character, with original wooden beams showcasing the rich history this building represents. In fact, rumour has it the original cottage of Reverend Robert Knopwood was located in the car park directly behind the building. Early next year there will be a redevelopment of this site, including an archaeological excavation to finally put the rumours to rest.

In the below image, tracked down on the State Library website, you can see a ‘young’ parliament house in the background, and what appears to be a huddle of buildings, including our office and possibly the old Reverend’s Cottage.

As part of our transition to a new location, Font is looking to create its own piece of history.

Emily Dunn

Approved for use by the State Library Tasmania 30.08.2013

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