Goodbye SEO, hello PR

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Step aside SEO kings, PR pros are taking the throne. Gone are the days of SEO tactics promoting your website to the world, PR skills are now taking over the SEO game.

As previously written in The ABC of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential factor in digital success. However, now thanks to the implementation and updates of Google Algorithms – namely, Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird – content is king, overtaking traditional SEO tactics and focusing on quality.

Through the implementation of algorithm updates, emphasis is now on the foundation of good, quality writing and relevant content. Google is working smarter.

Chances are, most of you have searched for something and stumbled upon a website completely irrelevant, full of nonsense and spam?

From this, Google has heard your cries of frustration and has given its users what they want, rich and authentic content.

Google are making strong writers the real heroes of the digital world, the focus now – more than ever – is on quality, interest and relevancy, not a bunch of arbitrary words that don’t have anything to do with your brand or business. PR is now the heart of online search results.

Here are some tips to help get your site get back on track if you any recent Google updates have affected your site or to keep it performing at optimum levels.

The key message is write for people, not for Google. Always keep in mind that your writing is to be read by real people – not just Googlebots.

In the past websites could have ranked number one in a search engine result page (SERP), through unsavoury SEO practices. However, it is likely they had a high bounce rate and visitors were exiting at the landing page, thus, no one was actually interacting with their page. So though they may have been getting the results, the relevancy was not there. Google is combating this with these updates.

Never put search volume measurements above relevancy. In line with this – don’t keyword stuff. More keywords on your site does not make your page more relevant or visible anymore, in fact, chances are you will be penalised for this.

Now, you can rank higher in search by writing simply, with clarity and elegance. Solid writing skills is now a prerequisite to succeed in SERPs.

The welcoming of a new year is bound to also open the door for further updates. Although one never truly knows what Google has in store for us next, it is a safe bet to say that if you invest time and money in quality content on your website, ensuring you are keeping true to your brand and its offerings, you will reap the benefits.

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