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Case Study: Jansz – A cool climate recipe for success

The exquisite taste of one of Australia’s most prestigious sparkling wines combined with the expert touch of Tasmania’s largest and leading public relations firm could only mean a recipe for success.

So when Hill-Smith Family Vineyards approached Font PR in late 2012 to capture the exclusivity, class and excitement in the launch of their new, high end Jansz Tasmania Single Vineyard Cuvee Chardonnay 2007, the result was a perfect fit.

As one of the world’s finest cool climate wines and the State’s first sparkling wine to be made according to the traditional method Jansz is a brand synonymous with Tasmania.

As the only Tasmanian brand solely devoted to the art of sparkling winemaking, Jansz Tasmania has now named their ground breaking technique Méthode Tasmanoise.

Encapsulating the exclusivity and grandeur presented in the brief, along with creating an event that represented everything that is Tasmanian, Font PR was the key to making this launch stand out from the rest. This was not just a launch event, but a “thank you” to the Tasmanian community for supporting Jansz Tasmania over the years.

The experience and knowledge of Font PR staff allowed for a one of a kind event to be staged at the iconic Tasmanian Museum and Arts Gallery (TMAG), providing a distinctly Tasmanian atmosphere.

The event placed Jansz at the centre of a “cool climate wonderland”, showcasing the finest aspects of Tasmanian culture to the State’s community and business leaders.

TMAG’s grand re-opening had been held just days before the Jansz event, meaning that invited guests were some of the first to see the new space and exhibitions, with many excited to experience The Bond Store Basement, never before opened to the public.

One of the key advantages Jansz gained from working with Tasmania’s premier public relations firm was a comprehensive local knowledge of the Tasmanian media and business sectors, with strong and enduring relationships delivering media coverage of the highest level.

Lead by Senior Consultant Lucinda Bray and Graduate Consultant Carla Johnson, their connections and expertise achieved through managing past events ensured an incomparable level of quality and exclusivity was achieved across media engagement and event management.

The Jansz Tasmania’s Single Vineyard Cuvee Chardonnay 2007 launch was met with excitement and appreciation by all who attended. Experience, local knowledge and dedication to the smallest details by Font PR ensured all aspects of the event were of the highest quality and delivered on time and within budget.

Testimonial from Hill-Smith Family Vineyards Owner and Managing Director, Robert Hill-Smith:

Jansz team (L-R) – Robert Hill-Smith, Natalie Fryar, Graham McDonough and James Banham

“We are very proud of Jansz Tasmania, its heritage and connection to the community. That is why we wanted to partner with Tasmanian’s leading PR agency, FONT PR, for our special new release of Jansz Tasmania Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2007. With their assistance, we brought to life our story through an exclusive soiree held at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. We are thrilled with the outcome on the night and also the support provided post the event, resulting in premium media coverage.” – Robert Hill-Smith.

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