Case study: St Ann’s campaign to convert unused bed licences

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Through a strategic media campaign Font helped St Ann’s to build a database of more than 160 people, who registered to support its campaign to convert unused bed licenses to Community Aged Care Packages. This exceeded the objective by 100%.

St Ann’s Homes is one ofTasmania’s foremost aged care organisations and has been a Font client since 2005. In 2011, St Ann’s approached Font for assistance to convert 70 unused bed licenses to Community Aged Care Packages (CACPs), as it sought to meet demand from the increasing community of older people in Tasmania seeking assistance to remain living in their own homes.

St Ann’s had previously lodged an application with the Federal Department of Health and Ageing to convert these licenses; however, it was declined as the department advised demand had not been demonstrated for the packages.

St Ann’s engaged Font to assist them in raising awareness of their campaign to offer increased CACPs. Press advertising was placed in all southern Tasmania press media, including community papers, with the call to action:‘Need help to stay at home?’

Font supported the press campaign with a series of radio advertisements that similarly invited people to lend their support to the campaign to convert the licences.

In addition to paid media, Font also coordinated editorial support, which led to positive media pickup in both electronic and print media.

With 70 unused licenses, the campaign objective was to attract at least that number to demonstrate demand. At the end of the two-week campaign, almost 160 people had registered their support.

The issue has continued to gain momentum and while St Ann’s are yet to convert their bed licences, ongoing media support and lobbying activities of both the Federal and State governments ensures the issue will not go away until a decision is made.

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