Case study: Ten Days On The Island – Power Plant

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Font Public Relations was approached by Ten Days on the Island to provide marketing services for the flagship inclusion in the 2011 festival program, Power Plant, which was presented in Hobart from 26 March to 9 April.

Power Plant is an enchanting series of sound and light installations from the UK. It had been a sell-out success in several UK centres, including the Edinburgh Festival, and travelled to Hobart immediately following seasons in Sydney and Hong Kong.

The installations were placed in Hobart’s Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, which were transformed into a nocturnal art gallery for the festival. Patrons were invited to wander the garden paths to experience Power Plant, lingering at individual pieces if they wished.


After briefing from Ten Days’ Artistic Director about the Power Plant experience, and additional briefing from Ten Days’ Marketing Manager about the festival’s customer profile and audience attendance patterns, consultant Deborah Vaughan prepared a comprehensive Power Plant marketing plan.


The plan allowed for three stages of activity, encompassing initial awareness and pre-Christmas sales, early-2011 market presence and awareness, with an intensive sales campaign from March.

It was identified that one of the key challenges to achieving marketing objectives was to effectively communicate the unusual nature of Power Plant.

Two tactics were adopted consistently throughout the campaign to address this challenge–firstly, existing footage from the UK was utilised as the key marketing tool, and secondly, key messages developed to describe the experience of Power Plant were communicated as much as possible.

These included:

  • Power Plant is suitable for the whole family
  • Power Plant is enchanting and magical
  • Power Plant is a dazzling and magical journey
  • Power Plant is the must-see event of Ten Days 2011.

Available Power Plant footage was edited to reflect these messages.

The first stage of the campaign sought to leverage the high visitor numbers anticipated over summer at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. A display incorporating pull-up banners with arresting images from Power Plant together with a looped DVD of Power Plant footage was installed at the Gardens visitor centre, while marketing collateral was printed and posted at the Gardens.

The second stage of the campaign included the commencement of a Power Plant social media profile, which continued until the production finished in April. Font consultants worked collaboratively with Ten Days staff to build images and messages about Power Plant across the key social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter.

Paid advertising was incorporated into the final stage of the campaign, with a dedicated television advertisement, press advertising, radio promotional activity and comprehensive postering of a Power Plant A2 poster.


In total, a six-month campaign was implemented to market Power Plant.

The results were extremely successful, with all objectives achieved.

At its completion, more tickets were sold to Power Plant than any other ticketed arts event ever presented in Tasmania. It was seen by around 13,000 people, and additional timeslots had to be added for entry to meet patron demand.


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