iPhone: the secret tracking device

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On the back of last month’s articles on changes to the U.S laws pertaining to police powers and searching mobile phones, as well as Facebook following your every more, we decided to dig a little further.

Many of us can’t live without our phones and with approximately one third of Australians using iPhones, it’s no surprise that there are some hidden features.

What you all might find surprising is how accurate and readily accessible data on your movement is for anyone who gets a hold of your iPhone.

If your iPhone is updated with the iOS7 software you can see for yourself just how much it’s tracking you.

From your home screen go into the ‘Settings’ application.


Next, click on ‘Privacy’ and then the ‘Location Services’ option at the top of the menu.


Scroll down to ‘System Services’ and at the bottom of this menu click on the ‘Frequent Locations’ option.


If your ‘Frequent Locations’ are ON it will register your most common locations and if you click on one of the locations it can even pin the address, dates and times you were there…creepy right?

If you have a look at the images below, it illustrates exactly what we are talking about. The first image lists the location history of where this person has travelled recently, how many locations is recorded in that area and the dates.

But wait, there’s more!

If you click on one of those locations, in this instance ‘Hobart CBD’ it will bring up the actual addresses of the locations, amount of times visited and dates.

And yet again, there’s more!

If you then click on one of the addresses, in this case 144-160A Murray Street, it will drill down the times that person was there, on specific dates.

This is incredibly sensitive data and has several damaging implications if in the wrong hands.

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