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FontCast – Never say never with Matt Denholm

After Brad Stansfield’s column in The Mercury calling for Labor to dump leader Rebecca White Brad Nowland and Becher Townshend want to know what he thinks the opposition leader should be doing. Given the disastrous position the party is in is it possible for Labor to win power in 2022? Becher also says Stansfield should…

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FontCast – Shut until Christmas with Anna Reynolds

All together in the same room for the first time in more than six months, Brad, Becher and Brad are resigned to the likelihood the state’s borders will be closed until Christmas. Hobart Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds makes her in her first appearance on the show, and nothing is off the table, from her frustrations…

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Same great weekly paper. Same great rural content. Same great trusted product. Font Public Relations is excited to announce that we have acquired the Tasmanian Country newspaper from News Corp Australia. This means that instead of closing, the Tasmanian Country – the Voice of Rural Tasmania – will now continue to be published weekly. Now…

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FontCast – The last ever iso episode with Daniel Hanna

In what is probably their last episode from isolation, Becher and the Brads have mixed feelings about the prospect of joining each other back in the office. Just moments after the Premier announced the state was reopening they are joined by Daniel Hanna, the Executive General Manager of Federal Group. Daniel has previously worked as…

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FontCast – Life after lockdown with Kym Goodes

In the third and possibly last episode from isolation Becher and the Brads dream of what they’ll do with their first weekend after lockdown. But what’s in store for the state and the vital tourism industry which has ground to a halt? Chair of East Coast Tourism and a member of the Premier’s new Economic…

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