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FontCast Your Vote – Episode 1

Tasmania is headed for an early election and the Font team are ramping up their coverage. This is the first episode of their weekly coverage of election thrills, spills and shenanigans. This week the part of Brad Stansfield is played by Win News Director and veteran state politics newshound Alex AJ Johnston. The biggest slip…

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FontCast – The Sir Humphrey Appleby principle

Is Tasmania heading for an early election as the Premier rides high after his handling of the pandemic? That’s exactly what Nowland is predicting in this firey episode. The team at Font rarely blow their own trumpet but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. In episode one of season three, they made some massive predictions,…

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FontCast – Hook, line and sinker

Back for a third season, the FontCast team are backed up with opinions, analysis and breaking news. The Tasmanian Premier seems to be in an almost unbeatable position but Brad Stansfield is scathing of some of the Government’s recent decisions. Brad Nowland has some breaking news about upcoming Legislative Council races and Becher Townshend throws…

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FontCast – The 2020 Golden Font with Alex Johnston

Can Peter Gutwein make it two from two? 2020 has been an extraordinary and challenging year. Brad, Becher and Brad are joined by FontCast stalwart and WIN TV’s news director Alex Johnston. In a year where half of the FontCast episodes had to be recorded remotely, the impact of the COVID pandemic has dominated and…

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FontCast – Cautious, conservative, unremarkable. The state budget with Amanda Lovell

Fresh from the state budget lockup, Tasmanian Business Reporter editor at large Amanda Lovell, joins Becher and the Brads to unpack the state budget. Anyone who was expecting a surprise, suspense or excitement will be sorely disappointed. Becher described it as “cautious and conservative”, Amanda wraps it up as “racking up a lot of debt”…

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