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FontCast Your Vote – Episode 5

This is the final pre-election FontCast Your Vote and the team are beginning to doubt almost every prediction they’ve made so far. The past week was a strong week for Labor but what do the team think the outcome is going to be. Brad Nowland and Becher Townshend are joined by senior state political journalists…

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FontCast Your Vote – Episode 4

There’s only one week to go until election day. Just as Labor starts to pull itself back together and shed the chaos of disunity that’s plagued it for the first few weeks of the campaign, both parties appear to be getting a bit tired, showing signs of fatigue. Brad Nowland and Becher Townshend are again…

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FontCast Your Vote – Episode 3

The opposition has had a shemozzle of a week, according to Brad. There was so much to talk about the team had to bring in The Mercury’s political editor David Killick in addition to Becher Townshend and regular guest Alex Johnston from Win News. The past week has been described as a turducken or political…

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FontCast Your Vote – Episode 2

After one of the most chaotic election weeks in living memory, the FontCast team will not let anything go through to the keeper. Again in the studio with Brad Nowland and Becher Townshend is Win news director and seasoned political newshound Alex Johnston to shovel through the past seven days of steaming chaos. In what…

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FontCast Your Vote – Episode 1

Tasmania is headed for an early election and the Font team are ramping up their coverage. This is the first episode of their weekly coverage of election thrills, spills and shenanigans. This week the part of Brad Stansfield is played by Win News Director and veteran state politics newshound Alex AJ Johnston. The biggest slip…

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