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March 2018 Cabinet reshuffle

The second term of the Hodgman Government sees Parliamentary Secretaries, Sarah Courtney and Roger Jaensch elevated to Cabinet. Sarah Courtney takes the Primary Industries and Water portfolio, along with Racing, while Roger Jaensch is now the Minister for Human Services, Housing and Planning. Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockcliff in losing Primary Industries, takes over Infrastructure from…

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Liberals’ emphatic win

By Managing Director Becher Townshend Well the election has been won and lost, or in this case it has been won and won, because to use a cliché Oppositions don’t win elections, Government’s lose, and with the second back-to-back majority win for a Liberal Government in Tasmania, Will Hodgman and his team have delivered. In the…

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Alter (social) egos and the demise of the world as we know it

By Senior Consultant Georgi Wicks What an extraordinarily strange and absurd digital world we’re living in. It’s fascinating, exciting if not a little bit daunting. If you stand back and just take it in, it becomes clear we are at a pivotal moment in our online world, in more ways than one. The way in…

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Tasmania’s north west: a region to be proud of

  By Strategic Partner Paul Arnold Tasmania is arguably the most regional state in Australia. In part this is due to the colonial settlement strategy, or was it a concoction of penal colonies, without much strategy? Nevertheless, the three distinct regions in Tasmania have forged very different societal and economic structures that have been the…

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Going live to stand out from the pack

By Graduate Consultant David Abbott In the current media landscape, where platforms to distribute information are continually evolving, it is more important than ever to keep your finger on the pulse to identify new ways to ensure your message is being heard by your target audience. While it may be intimidating for some to present…

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