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2018-19 State Budget wrap

Welcome to Font PR’s 2018-19 State Budget wrap for the first Liberal budget of this term. Drawing on his experience as a political journalist and government relations specialist, Font PR Managing Director Becher Townshend has provided his insight into the budget below. For those with less time to spare, we have also put together a video of Becher’s summary,…

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Time’s up for local government ownership of TasWater

By Strategic Partner Paul Arnold It was refreshing to see that Tasmanian voters decided to elect a majority government for a second successive state election, giving the Hodgman government a full eight years, (2014 – 2022) to make its mark on the Tasmanian community and economy. This election result is at odds with the voting…

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The future of privacy in the digital age

By Consultant Bonnie Whitton With the current discourse around the Cambridge Analytica scandal it’s no surprise many of us are questioning the amount of personal information we have inadvertently shared online. Technology has completely changed the way we go about our day and most of us don’t give a second thought to the data we…

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The media puzzle

By Senior Consultant Jane Cook I hear much criticism these days of the tone of public debate and repeated calls for the standards of public discourse to be lifted. That when discussing an issue, we need to quit with the juvenile and personal comments and stick to the facts. Problem is, many people seem to…

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Cheating from the top

By Strategic Partner Tom O’Meara The fact that Australian cricketers premediated a disgraceful ball tampering scandal is bad enough, but the killer which has Australia mourning and the world outraged is that the decision was made and approved by the captain and vice-captain. Captain Steve Smith is ranked number one Test batsmen in the world and…

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