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Morrison’s Ministry sworn in

By Partner Brad Stansfield Following their unexpected election win, yesterday the re-elected Morrison Government’s Ministry was officially sworn in. While the result in Bass is yet to be officially declared, it appears the Liberals have won Braddon and Bass from Labor with swings of over five per cent; Labor has retained Lyons and Franklin; and…

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Font PR 2019/20 State Budget wrap

Welcome to Font PR’s 2019/20 State Budget wrap for the second Liberal Budget of this term. Drawing on his experience as a political journalist and government relations specialist, Font PR Managing Director Becher Townshend has provided his insight into the Budget below. For those with less time to spare, we have also put together a video of Becher’s summary,…

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FontCast Federal election special with Kevin Bonham

How did the pollsters get it so wrong? Becher, Brad and Brad are joined by political analyst Dr Kevin Bonham to break down Australia’s Federal election result. Listen to the FontCast Federal election special here or subscribe to the FontCast via the links the below: iTunes Spotify

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