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Social media: mobilisation for a cause

  One of the first actions of the Coalition government was the closure of the Climate Commission, however, within days there was a rapid mobilisation of community support through social media, which has seen the rebirth of the organisation in a new form. An online poll through the Sydney Morning Herald website, answered by some…

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The Federal election: a foregone conclusion

  It is hard to think there can be many in the community who won’t be happy to see the back of the Federal Election campaign. While the official campaign has only been underway for a number of weeks, the decision by former Prime Minister Julia Gillard to set the election date at the start…

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Font’s piece of waterfront history

  As part of the move to our new location, Font has inherited its own little piece of Tasmanian history. In the heart of Salamanca Place, the Galleria Building is an iconic heritage site flourishing with contemporary businesses. The timeless office block on the mountain side, including where Font is now located, is in fact…

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LinkedIn – the age old question

  Findings from Font’s 2013 Social Media Index, which show the increase in usage of LinkedIn by students from two per cent to 22 per cent in just one year, are now supported by one of LinkedIn’s biggest announcements. In August, LinkedIn made the decision to reduce the minimum age limit for joining members from…

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Pioneering social media research reveals it’s all about trust

  The pressure is on for Tasmanian companies to build their reputation both online and offline, with the 2013 Font Public Relations Social Media Index revealing only half of the community believe what businesses have to say on social media. The research found that only 55 per cent of the Tasmanian community trusted what businesses…

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