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Facebook policy changes

  Since inception, Facebook has continuously and rapidly evolved. Due to the growth of its online community to more than a billion users and its transition to a publicly traded company, there is now a greater emphasis on reliability and accountability. The most recent review on improving the Site Governance focuses on two key documents:…

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A picture tells a thousand words

  When a social network increases from one million to 100 million registered users in just two years, you know it’s on to something. Launched in October 2010, Instagram is now the world’s most successful free photo sharing social network. The app allows users to take photos in the style of a digital polaroid and…

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Font professional development

  Font consultants have been busy learning about the latest trends, technologies and tools from world leading experts in marketing and communications to ensure we provide our own clients with relevant, current and internationally recognised PR and marketing practices. In late October, we kicked off our month of learning with the Australian Marketing Institute annual…

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PR in the digital age

  Today, keeping up with online technology is more challenging than ever. We live in a digital age where music, movies, friendships, business and communication are all tweeted, liked, downloaded, shared and posted. It should come as no surprise the PR industry is becoming increasingly interactive. Many of today’s consumers, politicians, businesses, editors, journalists and…

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What-ify? A guide to Spotify

  When I was asked to research Spotify and its role in the growing trend in online music, my first reaction was “spot what”? However, my first Google search revealed that I’d been living under a rock and this program was quickly taking the world by storm. For my fellow rock-dwellers, Spotify is a music…

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