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Tasmania’s social media election

  Tasmanians are ready for the onslaught of election campaigning set to come their way via social media according to new research revealing the number of Tasmanians using social media to stay up-to-date with news and current affairs has doubled in the past three years. In 2011, only 36 per cent of Tasmanians were using…

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The girls have the edge when it comes to being social

  The Font 2013 Social Media Index has revealed that when it comes to being social on the internet, women have it over men in terms of their use in Tasmania and while it’s too early to say if the gap is widening, there are some signs that men are being left behind in their…

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Northern Tasmania – Unify or bust

  There’s a chill around Northern Tasmanian at the moment , but it has nothing to do with the weather. It’s the relationship between Northern councils, which has degenerated to well below zero. While there is nothing new about councils having spats, the pressure built up recently now appears to have passed the point of…

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North West Tassie – The opportunities await….

  The North West economy has survived the recent economic doldrums with amazing resilience. Yes there are severe examples of trial and turbulence in the economic fortunes, particularly in forestry, construction and retail. However, the outlook is bright, provided governments get out of the way. The turmoil of the forestry sector has changed the region’s…

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The Liberal Alternative Budget summary

  John Barker – John Barker & Associates This is a constructive alternative budget, which the Liberals hope will lead them to a stable majority Government in 2014. It provides a significant change of emphasis from one more recently tied to social reform to one of economic stimulation. If elected to Government, the Liberals will face…

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