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Tasmanian leaders’ debate summary

  Tasmania’s political stage has been the highlight of local newspapers of late, with topics such as forestry, unemployment, council amalgamations, red tape and sovereign risk on top of the list. As such, it was timely for the Property Council of Tasmania to host the year’s first leaders’ debate between Premier Lara Giddings and Opposition…

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Road-testing photo apps

  Instagram has been hailed as the most successful free photo sharing social network application for smart phones and has encouraged developers to innovate and experiment with the possibilities surrounding photo sharing apps. Font took the time to road-test two smartphone photo applications called Diptic and After Focus, to determine functionality and the available possibilities.…

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Get ready for Ten Days on the Island

  Last year Lonely Planet named Hobart one of the top 10 cities to visit for 2013 on the back of the overwhelming success of MONA and Tasmania’s growing arts culture. March 2013 will further enhance Tasmania’s arts reputation with the seventh biennial Ten Days on the Island. The festival showcases local, national and international…

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Social media is becoming a not for profit’s world

  Australians are amongst the highest social media users in the world and we are increasingly using our social media presence to fundraise and raise awareness about a myriad of causes to help others. However, in a rapidly changing world it can be hard to navigate the dos and don’ts of fundraising via social media.…

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  Like a dormant volcano, many social media tools will often sit silently for years before suddenly erupting and gaining the instant attention of the world. Yammer is the latest in a long line of online tools to gradually build its popularity over time before finally entering ‘the mainstream’. Founded in 2008, Yammer is a…

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