March 2018 Cabinet reshuffle

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cabinet reshuffle

The second term of the Hodgman Government sees Parliamentary Secretaries, Sarah Courtney and Roger Jaensch elevated to Cabinet.

Sarah Courtney takes the Primary Industries and Water portfolio, along with Racing, while Roger Jaensch is now the Minister for Human Services, Housing and Planning.

Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockcliff in losing Primary Industries, takes over Infrastructure from former Minister Rene Hidding, who will now become the Government’s nomination for Speaker.

Elsewhere, Elise Archer is promoted from Minister for Justice, to also Attorney-General, while the Premier takes over the Parks portfolio, joining his other ministries of Tourism, Hospitality and Events, Heritage and Trade.

Treasurer, Peter Gutwein retains both his State Growth and Local Government portfolios, while Michael Ferguson continues as Minister for Health, Science and Technology, as well as being handed Police, Fire and Emergency.

Former Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma loses this portfolio, but retains Disability Services and Community Development, while also gaining Aboriginal Affairs to join her other portfolios as Minister for Women as well as Sport and Recreation.

Resources and Energy Minister Guy Barnett regains these portfolios as well as Building and Construction and adds Veterans Affairs.

Former Speaker Mark Shelton becomes Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development as well as being nominated as Chair of Committees.

Newly elected former Hobart Lord Mayor, Sue Hickey is now Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Urban Development.


This is how the Cabinet now looks:

Will Hodgman 1

Will Hodgman
Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events
Minister for Parks
Minister for Heritage
Minister for Trade


Jeremy Rockliff Template 1

Jeremy Rockliff
Deputy Premier
Minister for Education and Training
Minister for Infrastructure
Minister for Advanced Manufacturing and Defence Industries


Peter Gutwein Template 1

Peter Gutwein
Minister for State Growth
Minister for Local Government


Michael Furguson casual Template

Michael Ferguson
Minister for Health
Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management
Minister for Science and Technology


Elise Archer Template 1

Elise Archer
Minister for Justice
Minister for Corrections
Minister for the Environment
Minister for Arts


Jacquie Petrusma Template 1

Jacquie Petrusma
Minister for Disability Services and Community Development
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Minister for Women
Minster for Sport and Recreation


Guy Barnett Template 1

Guy Barnett
Minister for Resources
Minister for Energy
Minister for Building and Construction
Minister for Veterans’ Affairs


Sarah Courtney Template 1

Sarah Courtney
Minister for Primary Industries and Water
Minister for Racing


Roger Jaensch TEmplate 1

Roger Jaensch
Minister for Human Services
Minister for Housing
Minister for Planning


The Labor Shadow Cabinet looks like this:


Rebecca White

Labor Leader

Shadow Minister for Federal State Relations

Shadow Minister for Trade and Investment

Shadow Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Shadow Minister for Arts and Creative Industries

Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs



Michelle O’Byrne

Deputy Labor Leader

Shadow Minister for Education and Early Years

Shadow Minister for Innovation and the Digital Economy

Shadow Minister for Equality and Women

Shadow Minister for Prevention of Family Violence



Scott Bacon

Shadow Treasurer

Shadow Minister for Racing and Gaming

Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Shadow Minister for Community Development



Shane Broad

Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Water

Shadow Minister for Resources

Shadow Minster for Police, Fire and Emergency Services



Anita Dow

Shadow Minister for Economic and Regional Development

Shadow Minister for Employment, Training and Skills Development

Shadow Minister for Small Business

Shadow Minister for Veteran Affairs



Ella Haddad

Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Minister for Justice

Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

Shadow Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage

Shadow Minister for Climate Change



Sarah Lovell

Shadow Minister for Health and Preventative Health Care

Shadow Minister for Ambulance Services

Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Substance Use

Shadow Minister for Workplace Relations



David O’Byrne

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

Shadow Minister for Energy

Shadow Minister for Local Government and Planning

Shadow Minister for Sport

Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Assembly



Josh Willie

Shadow Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing

Shadow Minister for Child Safety

Shadow Minister for Corrections

Shadow Minister for Youth Affairs

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