PR in the digital age

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Today, keeping up with online technology is more challenging than ever. We live in a digital age where music, movies, friendships, business and communication are all tweeted, liked, downloaded, shared and posted. It should come as no surprise the PR industry is becoming increasingly interactive.

Many of today’s consumers, politicians, businesses, editors, journalists and media outlets are investing more of their time in online activities and communications. People want to be able to engage online. It’s fast, simple and effective and the PR industry is embracing the change from email and paper, to what is becoming a PR multimedia experience.

While the fundamental aspects of PR remain the same, the rules of engagement are changing. Media releases are becoming an entertainment experience, allowing for events to be captured and delivered in a multimedia format to news agencies.

At Font we have been closely watching the growing interest in Multimedia News Releases (MNRs) as a unique way to target audiences through an interactive media release experience. With the ability to incorporate video, sound bites, downloadable pictures and documents, it gives people a chance to share information more readily with colleagues and media. This provides a wider appeal, engages more people on the issue and ultimately reaches a wider audience.

One of the leading online PR companies in the United States, PR Newswire, has found that media releases that use multimedia gain more attention than their text only counterparts. The company’s internal Visibility Report statistics revealed 82 per cent of multimedia news releases generated a higher average total visibility and 94 per cent of multimedia news releases generated a higher than average engagement.

Multimedia news releases are yet to take off in Australia, but it won’t be long.


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