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FontCast – Bringing out the hay – budget analysis with Amanda Lovell

Becher calls it the hay-out-of-the-barn budget. The Gutwein Government has handed down a surprise-free state budget. The first since the Liberals held power in the election.

The numbers were better than expected. While other states are foundering, Tasmania is sailing strong through the COVID storm. Fresh out of budget lockdown, the editor of the Tasmanian Business Reporter, Amanda Lovell, joined the FontCast will all the juicy budget details. Most importantly, she said the journalists were fed extremely well while they were cut off from the outside world.

That’s usually a sign that there there is a healthy budget on the way… and there was.

Tens of thousands of new jobs. Dwelling approvals up by almost 50 per cent on last year. Retail trade and exports are also forecast to surge. But it’s come at a cost. The return to surplus has been pushed back to keep the state running so strongly.

That’s where Becher’s metaphor comes in. All the hay that had been stockpiled in the barn in preparation for a long, cold winter is being hauled out now winter is here. It reeks of sound economic management.

Now that the hay is being distributed and the barn is emptying out, what could possibly go wrong?

Jump into this special episode of the FontCast with Brad Stansfield, Brad Nowland, Becher Townshend and Amanda Lovell to find out.


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