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FontCast – The Cheshire cat that got the cheese

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Great Scott! We’re going back to the future in an action-packed episode.

Rebecca White has reclaimed the opposition leader’s throne just weeks after losing a state election.

In the words of Doc Emmet Brown “If you’re going to build a time machine… why not do it with some style?” And nobody can accuse Ms White of lacking style.

But was she the best choice the Labor Party had?

Rejoining the FontCast team newshound and former Labor Party senior advisor Alex Johnston says yes and Becher agrees although not quite as enthusiastically. Stansfield, however, does not.

It’s a spirited discussion between some of the state’s top political minds and, at times, Nowland struggles to keep the show on course. We also see one of the greatest bungled cliche’s since Kevin Rudd’s “fair shake of the sauce bottle”.

This is not an episode to be missed.


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