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Ello, also referred to as the Anti-Facebook, is the latest addition to the arguably already oversized social media family.

Created by a small group of designers and artists, Ello was originally a private social network. As more people wanted to join the network, a public version of the website was created.

There’s two major differences to this social network though.

Firstly, Ello has no advertising. Not one trace of an ad, which gives Ello a real point of difference in the social media market.

As stated on the Ello website, “We also think ads are tacky, they insult our intelligence and we’re better without them,” and unlike many other social networks, Ello refuse to on-sell data gathered from its users.

Although we hate to admit it, ads are a big part of the social media experience. How many times have you found yourself looking at a suggested post on Facebook? or purchasing an item you saw in your newsfeed? Chances are you would probably miss this feature, although you would never declare it.

The second major difference is you don’t choose Ello, it chooses you.

To make an account, you either receive an invite from a current user or you must apply for an invitation from Ello – giving the social network a feeling of exclusivity and prestige.

It’s not hard to guess the type of market they’re aiming to attract – those who see current social media networks as too ‘mainstream’, for example up-and-coming artists, musicians and bloggers.

It will be interesting to see if Ello manages to take off. Although it may seem far-fetched at this point, remember there was a point in time when many of us said we’d never give up our Myspace accounts for Facebook.

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