September 2017 cabinet reshuffle

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cabinet reshuffle

With only six months to go, Premier Will Hodgman has continued the steady as she goes strategy for what he will hope is his last Cabinet reshuffle prior to the Tasmanian state election, which must be called by March 2018.

The move is a result of the announcement by Minister for State Growth, Energy, Environment and Acting Attorney General, Matt Groom to not re-contest the election and resign his seat in the Ministry, while former Attorney General Vanessa Goodwin has formally resigned her position.

Signifiantly, Treasurer and heavy lifter of Cabinet, Peter Gutwein gains the State Growth portfolio, while Speaker Elise Archer gets elevated to Cabinet, but not as widely anticipated as Attorney General, but instead Minister for Justice, Arts, Corrections and Environment and Parks.

This will see Deputy Chair of Committee’s, Mark Shelton elevated to Speaker, while Resources Minister, Guy Barnett will receive the Energy Portfolio.

This is the how the Cabinet now looks:


Will Hodgman

Attorney General
Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events
Minister for Sport and Recreation
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Minister for Heritage


Elise Archer

Minister for Environment and Parks
Minister for the Arts
Minister for Corrections
Minister for Justice


Jeremy Rockliff

Deputy Premier
Minister for Education and Training
Minister for Primary Industries and Water
Minister for Racing


Michael Ferguson

Minister for Health
Minister for Information Technology and Innovation
Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly


Peter Gutwein

Minister for Planning and Local Government
Minister for State Growth


Rene Hidding

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management
Minister for Infrastructure


Jacquie Petrusma

Minister for Human Services
Minister for Women


Guy Barnett

Minister for Resources
Minister for Building and Construction
Minister for Energy


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