Tasmania’s creative and academic endeavours to be honoured

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Emerging Tasmanian medical researchers and writers have been given the chance to have their work recognised and rewarded thanks to the newly founded Erica Bell Foundation.

The late Dr Erica Bell had an incredible impact on Tasmania’s medical and literary world, publishing more than 100 academic research papers and five books during her time at the University of Tasmania, as well as publishing two historical novels.

In honour of Erica’s memory and to celebrate excellence in the two areas she was most passionate about – academia and literature – her husband, Dr Bastian Seidel, established the Erica Bell Foundation, which will see more than $20,000 given to emerging writers and medical researchers on an annual basis.

The Erica Bell Foundation Literature Award, supported in-kind by the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre, is open to Tasmanians who are the first-time author of an unpublished literary work.

The second award, the Erica Bell Foundation Medical Research Award, which is supported in-kind by the University of Tasmania (Faculty of Health), will recognise a researcher affiliated with the faculty who is a first-time, first author of a medical research paper that has already been published, or has been accepted for publication.

Font has assisted Dr Seidel with the establishment of the Foundation, including the media launch, website development and content, social media strategy and management, as well as event management of the upcoming Award presentation. We are all honoured and privileged to be able to assist with such an incredible cause, which will provide a launch platform for many Tasmanian writers and medical researchers for years to come.

We would encourage everyone to take look at the Erica Bell Foundation Facebook Page and share it with friends and family, with a view to inspiring authors and medical researchers from across the state to enter the awards.

For further details or to lodge an award application, please visit: www.ericabellfoundation.org

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