The girls have the edge when it comes to being social

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The Font 2013 Social Media Index has revealed that when it comes to being social on the internet, women have it over men in terms of their use in Tasmania and while it’s too early to say if the gap is widening, there are some signs that men are being left behind in their use of social media platforms.

Over the last three years, the Font Social Media Index has consistently found a gap in the use of social media, with women leading men.

This year the Index has revealed that 70 per cent of Tasmanian women spend more time on platforms such as Facebook, compared to 64 per cent of their male counterparts who seem to prefer more visual platforms such as YouTube.

Given this, those seeking to communicate on social media can no longer can have a blanket approach, but must now tailor their message to each social media platform.

Overall some 70 per cent of Tasmanian women have used social media in the last year compared to 64 per cent of men, representing a six per cent gap building on six per cent in 2012 and five per cent in 2011.

When you break it down to particular platforms, Facebook has a whopping 59 per cent use by all females in Tasmania compared to a paltry 46 per cent for men, whereas YouTube has 54 per cent of men using it compared with 52 per cent of women.

If these figures are anything to go by, clearly men like looking at pictures, while women prefer chatting with family and friends.

So if you want communicate with either sex, it not just about picking a social media platform, but also working out what is attractive to men and women.

Women seem to prefer a story that they can identify with and tell family and friends about, so a Facebook campaign that captures the imagination would be an ideal way to talk to women, while for men it would be a catchy clip on YouTube that would be more likely to succeed.

Overall, social media usage in Tasmania has grown by some 15 per cent over the last three years and increasing use shows no signs of slowing, with usage by people aged 70 and over increasing by nearly one third to some 20 per cent.

Facebook still remains the most popular form of social media in Tasmania with 53 per cent usage, followed by YouTube at 46 per cent, however, platforms such as Twitter continue to grow in support at 12 per cent, while LinkedIn has also grown to some 11 per cent.

If you would like a copy of the 2013 Font Social Media Index click here.

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