Three handy tips for your next media interview

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Preparing for an interview can be unnerving for even the most polished media performers.

Knowing what to say and how to conduct yourself can help settle the nerves and maximise your chance of a positive outcome.

By following the three handy tips below, we guarantee you’ll be speaking like Winston Churchill in no time.*

*not an official guarantee.

  1. Stick to your organisation. Unless you’re a politician, you shouldn’t really be passing comment on your competition. Journalists may ask you to comment about your competitors or others operating within the industry, but this is inadvisable. Stick to what you know best and comment on your own organisation. This way, you avoid creating unnecessary conflict and you can be sure the information is correct. E.g. “I can’t comment on Company X directly, but what I can say is ….”
  2. Tell the truth. As Shakespeare once wrote, “truth will out.” Despite popular opinion, the media are far more cluey than we would like to think. Most journalists can detect “male bovine excrement” from several miles away, and it will do your organisation no favours to attempt to fool them. This is not to say you need to call a press conference every time someone turns up late or spills coffee on their keyboard, however, if you are asked about a specific event or occurrence, answer honestly and with integrity.
  3. Don’t do the robot. On the dancefloor, go nuts. However, in front of a camera or with a recording device underneath your chin, show some personality. The general public and journalists (who strangely enough, are also members of the general public) will respond far better to spokespeople who show some personality and humanity. People empathise with companies if they can put a face to the brand and by showing your human side, foibles and all, you will be connecting with the public as well as reaching out to potential stakeholders and customers.

Now… for the plug.

Font Managing Director Becher Townshend has trained hundreds of Tasmanian corporate, government and community leaders over many years.

His background as a senior journalist and experienced public relations professional, coupled with an ability to interpret matters of interest from the journalist’s point-of-view makes Becher an ideal media trainer.

To enquire about Font’s media training, please call (03) 6223 3333 or email

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