What-ify? A guide to Spotify

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When I was asked to research Spotify and its role in the growing trend in online music, my first reaction was “spot what”?

However, my first Google search revealed that I’d been living under a rock and this program was quickly taking the world by storm.

For my fellow rock-dwellers, Spotify is a music sharing program designed to help users discover, listen to and share music over the internet. To get started, simply download the program and use your Facebook account to log in. This reduces the irritation of setting up yet another account and having to remember yet another password.

Once registered, you can create your own playlists with all your favourite songs and get new artist recommendations based on your musical tastes. There are also quite useful, fun and entertaining Spotify Apps, such as musiXmatch, which allows you to turn your computer into a karaoke machine.

To make things even easier and user-friendly, Spotify lets you sync your smartphone with your playlists by either plugging it in or via remote access, provided you are connected to the same WiFi.

My biggest criticism is that to gain the full benefits of Spotify you need to bite the bullet and pay a subscription for either the unlimited or premium accounts. It’s really annoying to sink into your music groove only to have it interrupted every two songs by some loud advertisement.

If you’re a music lover who hasn’t checked out Spotify yet, I strongly encourage you to take a look and explore what it has to offer. We’re already converts here at Font, and Friday is now “karaoke night” for the social club.


– Cedric

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