Advertising & Marketing

Sometimes, when a client begins briefing us, it becomes apparent that they don’t actually need public relations expertise, but in fact they are seeking a marketing solution. For example, they may want to work on their brand – perhaps they are planning to create a new business, reposition an organisation, launch a new product, or need help with increasing their brand profile. In these situations, we allocate our marketing consultants.

In almost every case we will want to start with a marketing plan, or sometimes, the specific situation calls for a combined marketing and communications plan. We’ll discuss the need for market research, talk to you about your brand values, work with you to tease out a marketing SWOT, and scrutinise factors influencing the market to be sure we have thoroughly uncovered the best pathway for you to take to achieve your marketing objectives.

If you want to put your messages in front of audiences that are best reached through advertising, we will research the most appropriate media, negotiate the best price, and work with you to ensure the final result is as effective as it can possibly be.

You can read about some of our recent marketing work here, watch one of our recent television advertisements here, and review some of our press material here. We are members of the Australian Marketing Institute and proud participants in its Awards, and were presented with a finalist certificate in 2011.

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