Some of our most satisfying work has been achieved through campaigns, and we believe it is a particular strength of ours. By combining good planning together with application of the right mix of tools and tactics, we’ve achieved some really good results.

For example, when Tasmania’s dairy industry asked us to help them in their quest to achieve a fair price for milk from National Foods – which was steadfastly refusing to negotiate on its offer well below production price – we developed a plan incorporating government relations, media and advertising, which told the story to the people who needed to hear it. It took a couple of months of dedicated campaigning, but we got there in the end for the dairy farmers.

Another recent campaign was the overhaul of land tax in Tasmania. We agreed with our client that it was more than unreasonable that Tasmanians were burdened with exorbitant land tax that was out of step with the levels paid in other States. It wasn’t long before the government noticed that the entire business and investment community thought so too, and consequently they took legislative action.

Our campaigning strength lies in keeping one step ahead and constantly revising our plan to be sure we are maintaining interest from target audiences as well as creating the necessary momentum to achieve the desired result.

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