Organisations engage in sponsorship activities for a variety of reasons and in differing ways, according to their marketing objectives and the position of their brand in its lifecycle.

Font helps our clients to develop policies, procedures, and return on investment mechanisms to guide their sponsorship activities.

Typically, engagement in sponsorship activities provides valuable opportunities for organisations to communicate marketing messages to their target audiences. In this way, sponsorship objectives should reflect your overarching marketing objectives – to change target audiences’ attitudes and behaviours.

Unlike donations and philanthropic undertakings, effective sponsorship activities should deliver a demonstrated return on investment. With this in mind, Font has developed a Return on Investment Assessment model to help organisations assess and benchmark sponsorship applications, measuring return on investment and evaluating alignment with organisational values and objectives.

When making sponsorship investment decisions, we encourage our clients to place value on the ability to promote a particular message (beyond a corporate logo) in innovative ways that maximise impact and extend audience reach.

Some of our key services in respect to sponsorship include:

• Specialist advice and modelling for organisations seeking to implement a sponsorship return on investment model and improve leveraging

• Training and advice to organisations seeking to measure and improve their sponsorship earning capabilities and financial outcomes

• Development of sponsorship policies

• Sponsorship workshops and seminars

• Negotiation and preparation of sponsorship contracts

• Keynote addresses at conferences, meetings and events.

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