Building reputation and brand with strategy, energy and creativity

At Font, we believe that good communications begins with the strategic plan, it ends with a measurable result, and along the way, forges a clear path that has nothing to do with spin, long lunches and freebies. We’re not that kind of PR firm.

We believe that to maximise your communications outcomes, we need to diligently pursue a process that starts with your Vision and encompasses the full gamut of operations. We’ll tell you honestly what we believe you need to do, we’ll tell you why, and we’ll tell you how we can help you move closer to your Vision. Because we get our satisfaction from your results.

Lets climb the paywall

By Graduate Consultant Stuart Roberts With leading international news publications gradually following the path of the pay wall, the divisive topic of free online content is bound to be a significant discussion in coming years. The digital age has brought our desire for breaking news to another level, with old fashioned fact checking taking a…

Time to grasp the nettle on parliamentary reform

By Managing Director Becher Townshend There has been much debate in recent years regarding the size of the Tasmanian parliament and while not wishing to enter the political fray of such things, it is important to articulate the reason why we need to increase the numbers of representatives in both of the state’s houses. Put…

Old western reputation management

By Consultant Georgi Wicks As all businesses would know, during any decision making process, the implications of an organisation’s brand will be central. This is because perception drives reality – what people think of you or your brand drives how they interact with your organisation. You can spend years building your brand and reputation, yet…

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