Building reputation and brand with strategy, energy and creativity

At Font, we believe that good communications begins with the strategic plan, it ends with a measurable result, and along the way, forges a clear path that has nothing to do with spin, long lunches and freebies. We’re not that kind of PR firm.

We believe that to maximise your communications outcomes, we need to diligently pursue a process that starts with your Vision and encompasses the full gamut of operations. We’ll tell you honestly what we believe you need to do, we’ll tell you why, and we’ll tell you how we can help you move closer to your Vision. Because we get our satisfaction from your results.

The Main Event

By Strategic Partner Tom O’Meara The value of major events is so often misunderstood that it creates such a divisive argument which sullies the truly great contribution to community and the state’s economy. Some of our major events attract government funding. Many don’t and for very good reasons i.e they are financially successful in their…

Avoiding dairy at our peril

By Strategic Partner Paul Arnold Not long ago milk production was seen as the great white hope for Tasmania, and we were all set to be swept up in a wave of prosperity while well-meaning industry sources encouraged farmers to grow their herds, fill the factories and prepare for the ride. Despite the positive outlook,…

Can this Federal Liberal Government survive?

By Strategic partner John Barker The implications of the extraordinary result of the July federal election is already very evident when assessing the recent performance of the Australian Parliament. Scraping over the line with a one seat majority in the House of Representatives and a very weak position in the Senate raises the obvious question…

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