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At Font, we believe that good communications begins with the strategic plan, it ends with a measurable result, and along the way, forges a clear path that has nothing to do with spin, long lunches and freebies. We’re not that kind of PR firm.

We believe that to maximise your communications outcomes, we need to diligently pursue a process that starts with your Vision and encompasses the full gamut of operations. We’ll tell you honestly what we believe you need to do, we’ll tell you why, and we’ll tell you how we can help you move closer to your Vision. Because we get our satisfaction from your results.

Communication breakdown

  By Strategic Partner Tom O’Meara  To say that Tasmania is different to other states is in no way disparaging to our island state, it’s simply a fact, just as there are differences between the regions within the state and if nothing else the Federal Election has proven this fact. If you were living in…

Ah Democracy…the last bastion of civilised society, or is it?

  By Strategic partner Paul Arnold  The recent federal election again raises the spectre of the role of the media and its unwieldy influence. Some media outlets choose to make celebrities out of controversial personalities and then wonder why they are elected. Hardly, the responsible way to govern a country. Makes us all look a…

Tasmanian sport needs media support

By Consultant Ned Worledge  The Tasmanian media wear many hats, from educator to a vehicle for human kindness. But perhaps the media’s ability to influence the public agenda and public perceptions is possibly the most powerful hat of all on the rack. In an increasing digital age, the shift towards more localised news coverage has…

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